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How Much Does Junk Removal Service Cost




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junk removal service cost

Junk removal is a sector of the industry that caters to both residential and commercial clients. Junk removal cost is, obviously, one of the prime considerations of clients when selecting junk removal companies that will help them with their needs. However, the range of junk removal prices varies greatly depending on the types of junk/waste/trash removed, the quantity, and other considerations.

Why Select Junk Removal Services for My Trash Hauling Needs?

The junk removal industry is competitive. The value provided by a junk removal company greatly exceeds the junk removal costs. Most junk removal companies offer features and services to distinguish them from their competitors. Aside from their prompt service, they can help you save money and time by helping you with clean outs. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about trash removal once these professionals haul away junk. They can also do trash removal safely.

What are the Difference Among Junk, Waste, and Trash?

For most junk removal services, costs vary depending on the rubbish needed to be handled by trash removal services. Junk is considered chiefly large items that won’t fit regular garbage containers and dumpsters, such as appliances, furniture, hot tubs, toilets, etc.

Waste includes substances such as chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Trash usually means the daily garbage households and businesses produce, such as food or yard waste.

In the case of junk, professional junk removal companies are the best-placed people to help with hauling these types of garbage. They have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to deal with their work.

What Is the Average Junk Removal Cost?

The national average cost for junk removal is around $250. The range of junk removal costs is between $60 for small piles of junk to $700 for larger piles of junk that will fill a huge truck.

The junk removal cost is affected by categories. Certain items cost more to haul than others:

  1. Furniture Removal Cost

The bulkiness and complexity of furniture that needed hauling affect the price of furniture removal. The cost will depend on the number of pieces and their size. Disposal fees for furniture are between $75 to $700.

  1. Appliance Removal Cost

Appliances such as a stove, dryer, washer, or refrigerator costs around $75 if hauled singly. However, for large hauling sizes, the price can reach up to $500.

  1. Electronic Waste

These items consist of televisions, printers, computers, and fax machines. Though not as large as appliances, these items incur a slightly different fee. The typical range to haul away junk of this nature is between $70 to $300.

  1. Mattresses and Box Springs

Depending on the type and quantity of mattresses and box springs you need to dispose of, the range for removal cost is between $75 to $400.

  1. Other Items

These other items may include exercise equipment, tool chests, lawnmowers, hot tubs, used tires, moving boxes, and other unwanted belongings. The typical range to haul away junk of this nature is between $100 to $700.

How Much Is the Waste Removal Cost for Tree and Brush Debris?

After doing substantial yard cleaning work, you may produce bags full of yard waste such as tree and brush debris. The typical cost for these types of trash is around $1.50 per cubic foot. That means filling a full-sized truck with a maximum capacity of 450 cubic feet will cost about $500. However, the minimum load cost can be as much as $70.

How Much is the Trash Removal Cost for Home Goods?

Specific households and most businesses produce a substantial amount of home goods and household trash such as food waste, packaging, and similar items. Junk removal services can offer to haul away these types of trash at around $22 per cubic yard.

How Much Does It Cost to Haul Away Construction Debris?

For a typical home renovation, you can expect to pay between $300 to $2000 in debris removal costs. The construction debris removal cost depends on the following factors:

a. Dumpster rental cost: Dumpster rental cost depends on the size and duration of the rent. Renting the smallest 10-yard dumpster costs around $350 a week, while renting a 40-yard dumpster costs around $600 a week.

b. Landfill fees: The calculation of local landfill cost is by the ton. The range is between $20 to $50 per ton.

c. Permit fees: For limited spaces, you may need to pay the necessary permits to place your dumpster on a public place such as a street which may cost between $10 to $100. For larger construction projects, the necessary permit costs are between $400 to $2000.

How About The Cost of Disposing Hazardous Materials?

The disposal fees for hazardous materials are classified under a different set of standards. The fee for application for these is between $1000 to $20000. Moreover, specialized waste disposal companies handle hazardous waste removal.

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