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Junk removal is essential to ensure we have neat and safe surroundings. Even ordinary homes will eventually think of ridding themselves of unwanted junk at a certain point. However, you might consider junk removal as something that sounds straightforward. You have an option of calling junk removal companies to do the work of junk removal and junk hauling for you. For a fee, junk removal services will haul away all the junk you can’t afford to leave on your curb while waiting for the municipal junk removal service to pick it up.

What Are Junk Removal Services?

The work of a junk removal service sounds straightforward: they will haul away your junk. Junk haulers will remove bags of bulky trash from your property whether you require appliance removal, hot tub removal, bags of rubbish, or furniture removal. They can also work closely with construction companies to haul away construction-related debris.

If you don’t have other means to haul away your bulky trash, you can call these junk removal services to handle the job. Some companies may make a site visit to assess the scale of junk removal, while other junk removal companies may require a photo of the junk you need to haul. Once they have enough information about the scale and complexity of their work, they will send you a no-obligation estimate and schedule their services whenever you need them.

Types of Junk Removal Service

An Arizona junk removal company might offer you two options for their services:

  1. Truck Hauling Services

Truck hauling is the most popular option, especially for clients with limited space. These are also popular for post-renovation clean outs. These junk haulers bring their trucks fitted with a dumpster. They simplify the junk removal process by picking up the trash for you and hauling it away. Many junk removal services offer same-day service.

  1. Dumpster Rental

If you are looking to organize your unwanted junk at your own leisure and you have enough curb space to place your trash, you may consider renting a dumpster. Junk removal services will usually drop off the dumpster to allow you to fill up within a fixed timeline, a week, for instance. The prices depend on the size of the dumpster you rent and for how long you will rent them. You may ask if they allow dumpster rental for landscape or driveway renovations. Your junk pickup services restrict what types of trash you can place in the dumpster. For instance, some trash hauling companies may not allow concrete and tree branches.

What Types of Junk Does Junk Removal Services Accept?

Most unwanted items resulting from house cleanouts are acceptable. Az junk removal services usually accept the following items:

  • Mattresses
  • Appliances
  • TVs, Computers, and other electronics
  • Furniture
  • Miscellaneous Household Junk
  • Yard Waste
  • Hot Tubs
  • Clothes
  • Swings, Seesaws, and other Yard Toys

Please note that you need to inquire about green wastes and concrete if these are allowed for pickup. For junk removal in Mesa, your junk removal services must know the local codes and restrictions on which types of junk they are allowed to handle and transport.

What Types of Junk Does Junk Removal Services Don’t Accept?

Even the best junk removal services don’t allow for certain types of junk for disposal. Usually, these are unwanted stuff that is difficult to transport:

  • Asbestos
  • Empty Gas Canisters
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Batteries
  • Oil and Fuel
  • Pesticides
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Open Cans of Paint
  • Household Cleaners and other household hazardous chemical wastes

Where Does a Typical Junk Removal Service Dispose The Junk They Pick Up?

These professionals seek the most ecologically-friendly way of disposing of the junk they haul. They look for ways to avoid adding to the landfill requirements of the city. They usually work with recyclers and have a wide knowledge of recycling and disposal.

How Much Do I Expect to Pay To Have My Junk Removed Professionaly?

The average junk removal cost is $200 on average. The range is from $100 for piles of junk requiring a small truck to $600 to fill a large truck. The weekly cost of renting a dumpster ranges from $100 to $700, depending on the size. Renting 20-cubic yard roll-off dumpsters cost between $250 to $750 per week. Regardless of the cost, the excellent service these professionals provide offers clients the priceless convenience of never having to worry about how to manage the trash.

Final Thoughts: What To Look For A Junk Removal Service Serving Mesa?

For a hassle-free experience to address your trash removal service needs, you need to maximize the advantages of a trash hauler, such as saving you time and money. Aside from providing outstanding service for you, a locally owned trash hauling company should also care for the environment. Moreover, they should be versatile enough to handle a wide range of trash types. If you are looking for super junk removal with five-star services for your needs of junk removal in Mesa, let Marsh Junk removal services do the job for you. For a free estimate, just send us photos of the junk you need to remove and text the pictures to 480-735-9266. You can also book online and select the day you want us to pick up your trash.